About Us

October 12, 2014

Since SGI was founded in June 2009 by Stuart Gelling, Former Professional Footballer for Liverpool Football Club and Assistant Manager of the Japan National Side, has seen over 1,500 learners gain a variety of qualifications which lead onto SGI learners gain full and part time employment in U.K. & U.S.A as well as apprenticeships and further education. SGI specialises in bespoke Coach Education and Training also Alternative Provision Programmes as well as the delivery of Sports Coaching for 4-11 boys and girls, across the North West of England and as a result of the outstanding standards set from the start, SGI provides the best tuition and coaching throughout all of our projects.

We are passionate about developing positive links and at present work in conjunction with a wide range of educational secondary schools and sports companies. We recognise the importance experience plays within the education sector and sports industry and as a result have invested in employing some of  learner coaches to become sports coaches and tutors over the past few years. We currently employ full time industry professionals and apprentice coaches, many of which have been SGI learners.

Aims & Values

We pride ourselves on honesty and work ethic and are extremely passionate about having a positive impact on the young adults we work with. The opportunities in sport are there to be taken and we believe by instilling our values to students coaches, staff and beyond we will build a structure for a strong future in sport.

Regardless of age, ability and gender with the right attitude and a good work ethic, you can develop skill levels and improve your selected area of sport. This belief is a continuous growth project, one which all of our students and staff adhere by and at SGI we believe it's not just a course, but a CAREER!

Our Objective

The SGI objective is to use the passion, power and presence of sport to educate and inspire students throughout their time on our unique study programmes and to supply the best educational experience.

By developing coaches through our study programmes, we also look to break down any social barriers in society whilst providing realistic goals and pathways, participants are given the opportunity to progress on a variety of pathways within sport and leisure.

We are proud to have formed overseas links in the past 6 years, one of which is proving to be very popular with our existing learner coaches. 'Challenger Sports' the largest employer of soccer coaches in North America and Canada have guaranteed to secure interviews for between 3-9 months for learner coaches in the second year of their study programme. This year has seen a number of success stories, including our young coaches gaining employment in Chicago, Texas, Canada and Colorado!